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Wednesday, May 17, 2006: Day 12 - Home sweet home

Click here to view wedding picturesWe got up the next morning and had the small breakfast that comes with the room. We then headed north and back to good ol' Menomonie, Wisconsin. We had not moved Lisa's things into Dennis' townhouse yet, but we were returning to OUR home. Dennis carried Lisa "over the threshold." The honeymoon was over, but our life together is just starting. And, these memories will last us a lifetime.

We almost didn't do the trip as we considered saving our money until we could really afford this kind of dream trip. We thank Pastor Jack who encouraged us to start our marriage off right by taking the honeymoon we wanted to do as a celebration of our marriage.

As we started opening cards and gifts, memories of the wedding ceremony and reception twelve days before rejoined thoughts about the trip we just returned from. May 6 was a wonderful day and we were so lucky to have 120 of our closest family and friends join us for our wedding. Our trip was indeed the honeymoon of a lifetime and we thank each of the family and friends who contributed to our honeymoon registry and made it possible. We will not forget. Thank you and may God bless!


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