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Sunday, May 7, 2006: Day 2 - On planes and in airports

The next morning we got up, and on the road again! We got on a Northwest Airlines plane at the La Crosse Airport at 11am on Sunday, May 7 and we started our romantic honeymoon adventure! Lisa set off the metal detector and was taken by 2 female security people to the back screen to be checked out. She explained to them about the titanium ball she got during her hip surgery in 2004 and after a brief search (a procedure Lisa would get used to), they finally let her continue.

Once on the plane we discovered that somehow we were not seated together and the plane was full. Darn, we were only married one day and definitely wanted to be together, but it was less than an hour flight time. After he was seated, Dennis was surprised when a man came back to him and asked if he wanted to sit with "your wife." Dennis liked the sound of that phrase. How nice of the guy sitting next to Lisa to offer to switch so we could be together!!

Dennis checked our other boarding passes to make sure we were seated together for the remainder of the trip! We flew to Minneapolis where we got onto a Continental airplane, then switched planes again at the Newark, NJ (where Lisa again set off the metal detector) and finally arrived at the Edinburgh, Scotland Airport around 8am on Monday, May 8.

It was a long trip but the Continental staff did their best to make us comfortable. It was a bit weird to have dinner and just a couple hours later have breakfast, but the time zone changes happened rapidly. Dennis slept as much as he could to try and avoid jet lag by being well rested when we arrived at 8am (when it was only 2am back home).


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